Guns On Campus Tamaron Hall Investigates

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first American college campus shooting, in Austin Texas at the University of Texas, a 2016 documentary aired on Investigation Discovery. “Guns on Campus Tamaran Hall” Investigates” discussed whether university students should be allowed to “campus carry”, allowed to carry concealed guns while on campus. The documentary profiled two survivors of campus shootings, Virginia Tech survivor and anti-gun violence advocate Colin Goddard, and University of Nevada rape survivor, Amanda Collins, who is an advocate for campus carry, to lay out their positions behind this controversial debate among college campuses.
In my opinion, university students and staff who are trained to use a weapon should be allowed to “campus carry” in order to defend themselves.

Code of Honor Book Review

Code of Honor is a fast-paced thriller about Kamran Smith, the star of the high-school football team, dates the most popular girl at school, and can’t wait to go to West Point like his big brother, Darius. Although Kamran’s mother is from Iran, Kamran has always felt 100% American. Accepted, then everything changes when Darius […]

After She’s Gone West Coast Series 3 Book Review

Welcome to the third installment of the West Coast series by Lisa Jackson. The Cramer sisters from Deep Freeze and Fatal Burn are all grown up. Cassie has lured her younger sister, Allie to L.A. so they could both follow in their mother’s footsteps. However, Allie proves to be more talented than Cassie, enabling her […]

West Coast Series Book Review

The West Coast series is a romantic suspense series by Susan Lisa Jackson. The three books are Deep Freeze, Fatal Burn, and After She’s Gone. The books are companion books and focus on serial killers who strike during the winter and summer. They are set in Falls Crossing, Oregon. When retired Hollywood actress Jenna Hughes […]

Stranded The Complete Adventure Book Review

Stranded, The Complete Adventure is a box set of three young adult adventure books by the television host from Survivor, Jeffrey Probst. The titles are Stranded, Trial By Fire, and Survivors. The books are about a blended family that gets stranded at sea and have to work together to survive. The Benson and Diaz children […]

Ladies of Lantern Street Book Review

Ladies of Lantern Street is a paranormal romantic suspense duology written under the pen name Amanda Quick. The two books are Crystal Gardens and The Mystery Woman. It’s about three women who work at Flint and Marsh, an inquiry agency run by Abigail Flint and Sarah Marsh. One of the unique employee qualifications is that […]