About the Author

Nicole Valicia Thompson-Andrews was born on September 7, 1982. She and her parents live in Detroit Michigan. She has published book reviews in Mysterical-e and Bewildering Stories, under her pen name Mellissa Green, and articles in her library’s newsletter under her real name.
As a blind computer user, she uses Jaws for Windows, a screen reader that reads the screen to her.
She is the founder of A Blue Green Universe, a startup company for authors, Domestic Violence Victims and the blind. She writes under her pen name Mellissa Green. and is the upcoming author of the Culinary Intergalactic thriller serial Kaos Reigns A Whydunit Serial. Follow her on Twitter @abluegreenunivs.

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Mellissa Green
Founder at A Blue Green Universe

I'm blind and a budding novelist and emerging poet. My pen name is Mellissa Green.