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The Billionair Wolves Virgin Book Review

Brief Summary

The Billionaire Wolves’ Virgin by Jasmine Wylder is a paranormal romance about a newspaper reporter sent out by the head editor on a difficult assignment. She knows he wants her to fail as he’s been telling her she’s worthless and will never make it as a reporter.


Chapter One :Tanya

So much for the story of the century. Tanya made an annoyed noise in her throat as her foot sank into yet another mud hole. She yanked it out, groaning as her shoe stayed behind–again. She pulled it out and stomped another few paces until her feet rested on hard ground. There, she sat on a fallen branch and scraped off as much of the mud off her feet as possible before shoving her feet into her shoes again.

The Chocolate War Book Talk

The Chocolate War

Wintergirls Book Review

Winter Girl
Laurie Halse Anderson
Laurie Hales Anderson’s Wintergirl is a haunting novel that takes the reader on a one month journey into the psyche of a teenager who is so emotionally beleaguered that her self-destruction includes cutting and starvation.
Lia and Cassie friends since grade-school share a deep dark secret. Both girls are victims of body image disorders. Lia has Anorexia and Cassie has Bulimia. No matter how thin each girl becomes the images they see of themselves justifies the actions they take to rid their bodies of excess body fat.
After not communicating for several months, Cassie suddenly calls Lia thirty-three times in one evening pleading with her to return the phone call. Lia was devastated by the end of their friendship and refuses to accept Cassie’s calls. The next morning Lia is told that Cassie died alone in a local motel. Lia is left to confront and grapple with the guilt she feels for not realizing that the calls were a cry for help.
Haunted by Cassie’s ghost, Lia’s life is rapidly spinning even more out of control. Should she take Cassie’s ghost suggestions to cross the line and join her? Is Lia strong enough to manage the pressure from her family while living a dual life?
Anderson adeptly uses powerful imagery and her skills as a writer to pull the reader into the web of neuroses in which Lia is entangled. This novel is an excellent depiction of the struggle for emotional health prevalent in the lives of far too many young adults.

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The Adventures of Shrinkman Book Review

R. L. Stine has written a thought-provoking novel called The Adventures of Shrinkman.
Remember the movie Honey I Shrunk the Kids about the mad scientist who shrunk his kids and the kid next door? So does Danny Marin, the fifth-grade comic artist who draws comics of the fictional character Shrinkman from the fictional Shrinkman comic and movie series. Danny thinks shreinking is cool, until he begins to shrink. Then his world turns from cool to scary.
I took about three days to listen to this book. The twist ending was a surprise and a good one.
I can see a sequel and the book had a good length.

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Razor Wire Book Review

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