Critique Services for Fiction Authors

Mellissa Green offers a range of critique services for published and unpublished authors at an affordable price. These services include critiques of query letters, proposal submission packages, cover letters, sample chapters, synopses, full manuscripts, and revised manuscripts. She critiques manuscripts in a wide range of genres excluding children’s books and erotica. Mellissa Green will focus on plot, conflict, character, setting, point-of-view, pacing, and narrative structure.
The Benefits of a Critique
Getting a critique for a newly completed manuscript is very beneficial. The benefits are to improve one’s manuscript, to increase an author’s confidence about the work, and encouragement to continue submitting work therefore increasing chances of publication.

Getting Started
Manuscripts will be critiqued in the following genres:


Original and retold folk and fairy tales



Religious fiction

Crime fiction

Medical fiction

Sword and sorcery

Young adult fantasy

Science fiction

Epic fantasy


Romantic suspense

Urban fantasy


Historical fantasy

Historical mysteries

Survival fiction


Submit a sample chapter in the following formats: .doc, .docx, or .rtf.
Use Dropbox to submit the manuscript. The referral link is provided below:
The dropbox referral link will open in a new window/tab. Create a folder and place your manuscript inside. Name the folder with your name, the date and manuscript title, then share the file with me by going to the share tab on the dropbox folder. Sshare it with my email

Word Length
Cover letter-1 page-$10
Query letter-1 page-$10
Synopsis-2-5 pages-$20
Screenplays-1 hour 45-60 pages-$10
Short Story: 1000-7500-$10
Novelettes: 7500-20000-$30
Novella: 20,000-50000-$50
Novel: 50000 and above-$100
Full package-$150
Note to perspective clients:
I use assistive technology called a screen reader; therefore I don’t use track changes.

Turn Around Time:
I work on up to three manuscripts at one time. Manuscripts for sample chapters will receive feedback within 45 days of the date received. Go to A Blue Green Universe at Go to the Products page for a list of products and product options.
My Credentials
A former member of Critters Writing Workshop and Critique Circle, Mellissa Green has been writing for a couple of decades and has been an avid critiquer for 4 years. She loves all things fiction and has been studying the craft for 15 years.

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