How A Blind Woman Chooses Book Marketing Strategies

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Nicole Thompson-Andrews. I’m blind, and a budding fiction author and poet.
I’m currently working on my author platform. This statement leads me to the wonderful challenge that Dvorah has put on this year. I have other resources on author platform development, but this course helped get me motivated. I’m glad the first week focused on platform-building, because I now want to create a priority list.

I also saw in Week 3 how even a fiction author and poet could create teleseminars. I know I cdommented on the fictional aspect of teleseminars, but I can see how to use them for poetry. I certainly plan to create a virtual book toor for my works. I have this material and some of Dvorah’s previous virtual bookt our material, so I want to use that instead of buying another Virtual Book Tour bootcamp. I may even crowdfund my works, as that too sounds intriguing. I wish the course had been longer. I have other bookmarketing resources, I plan to combine with what I’ve learned over the thirty days. They went buy incredibly fast. I soon plan to create my novel outline, and my uncle suggested that I make the outline as part of my author platform. I came straight home and mentioned this to D’vorah. A lightbulb went off, and it makes logical sense.

I have the action guides and the implementation workbook and plenty of work to do in order to build my platform around my book, as my uncle puts it.
Some of the material I can’t do, like the kindle, since the kindle isn’t accessible to me.

I’ll listen to the material, I’m just not sure there’s anything useful from it.

I think this Blog Hop was a good idea. 23.
If you want to follow me on Twitter, I just created my business Twitter account. My twitter handle is @abluegreenunivs.

Now if only D’vorah would do a Twitter hop.
I’m glad that Beth Barany did her contribution on Virtual Book Tours for fiction authors.

I wish there was a novel marketing challenge, not that I need anymore marketing books or audios and videos.

I love the goal worksheet.
I know some of the material like the ebook success interview Ellen did and the online curse and coaching programs that were discussed are for nonfiction authors, but I imagine I can work into my fiction or poetry.

Since I write fantasy mystery/thrillers, and the majority of the works will be set on another planet, I’d mentioned to my advocate, assistant, and cousin that maybe I could offer coaching on my conlang. I was with her and she and I listened to one of he workshops with her, and she got excited. I had been calling her as I learned about pltform-building. Wow! The challenge was awe-inspiring!

D’vorah, I want to thank you for helping me get through this challenge when I had problems with someof the audios and videos and other aspects of the website.

I love this gold membership offers a free access pass to the next one! Even if I don’t download any of the material, which I may, it would be good to keep the momentum going.

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Mellissa Green
Founder at A Blue Green Universe

I'm blind and a budding novelist and emerging poet. My pen name is Mellissa Green.