Manuscript Critique Service submission Guidelines

Manuscript Critique Submission Guidelines

Submissions are now open! Feel free to check the below guidelines, however.

Welcome to the Manuscript Critique Submission Guidelines of a Blue Green Universe!
My name is Nicole Thompson-Andrews, pen name Mellissa Green and I will be critiquing your manuscripts under my pen name Mellissa Green.

Below you will find the following offered critique services.
Fiction Submissions
I accept work in the following genres:
original and retold folk and fairy tales
historical fantasy
young adult
survival stories
historical fiction
religious fiction
historical romance
historical mystery crime fiction memoir medical fiction
adventure sword and sorcery young adult adventure
science fiction
epic fantasy
romantic suspense
Urban fantasy

For fiction submissions, I’d like a sample chapter in the following formats:
.doc, .docx, or .rtf.
I prefer dropbox as oppose to email, as I’ll get the manuscript much faster than email. I’ve provided the referral link below.

dropbox referral link (opens in new window/tab

Create a folder and place your manuscript inside. Name the folder with your name, the date and manuscript title.

Word Length
I’ll accept the following word lengths.
Screenplays-1 hour
Short Story:
50000 and above.

I only accept complete works. I will also accept cover letters, query letters, and synopses.
Note to perspective clients:
Since I use assistive technology called a screen reader, I put my comments in text.

I’ll also accept completed submission packages, which include a cover and query letter, and synopsis for the above genres. This package must be written for a traditional publisher of the above genres, not necessarily the one you’re using or plan to use.

Turn Around Time
I will take up to three manuscripts. Sample manuscripts will be responded to within one month.
Revisions are also accepted for a small fee.
Go to the Products page for a list of products and product options.

Products Page

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I'm blind and a budding novelist and emerging poet. My pen name is Mellissa Green.